How my vegetarian student cookbook got my blog started

Starting a blog is one of “those things”. It is like that new years’ resolution of starting to work out or to start eating healthier. Few actually follow through.

One of my favourite tricks for getting things done is to do them immediately, when possible. Got a bill to pay? Pay it immediately. Got three emails to answer? Answer immediately. Wanna start blogging? Just do it.

The “Vegetarian student cookbook”-idea is the thing that got me going this time around. Back in 2017, my friend Erica Johnson and I started experimenting with making vegetarian dishes together. None of us were particularly skilled with cooking so doing it together made it easier to surmount the initial reluctance to cook “properly” (cutting stuff and so on). We tried making dishes that were suitable for making larger portions so that we could make lunch boxes for the week.

When I told my Portuguese dumpster-diving, hitchhiking, math-genius ping-pong-friend Fransisco about the book, he pointed out that I could start by writing the recipes on a blog.

But my blog isn’t just going to be a blog with mediocre recipes. It’ll be an odd mix of (hopefully) unorthodox economic analysis, my life as a (soon to be) master student in economics at Oxford, and vegetarian recipes for lazy students.

I’ve heard that public commitment makes things more likely to happen… so I hereby declare that I will be posting a 5-paragraph post every Sunday morning at least throughout August.


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